Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #6


Author: Future Manager Research Center

“How to keep job search during Covid-19”

During the covid19 outbreak, some companies are experiencing hiring freezes, alternative interviewing setups,as a job seeker, what can you get find a job under the impact?

Here are some tips

1. Change the search field in advance

If you are a student who intends to switch careers, you can give priority to industries that are not affected by the epidemic, such as online education, medical services and other fields.

2. Get ready for online interviews

You’ll likely have to do your first few interviews virtually. So, be prepared because face-to-face interviews won’t be as common for the next few months.

Check our article about online interviews: https://lnkd.in/gVgBiMc

3. Build your personal brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help you build a professional presence that showcases your work to the people you most want to connect with.

Check our content about personal branding: https://lnkd.in/gQXmjuh hashtag#future hashtag#humanresources

We are proud to be there!

We are sure we will!

Future Manager Team