Emerging Roles in Manufacturing

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The rapid proliferation of new technologies has radically changed and will continue to transform roles within the manufacturing sector.

Despite the absence of an exhaustive list of emerging roles that will characterize the labor market of the future, the following examples show that the advent of Industry 4.0 is not only augmenting the nature of existing manufacturing roles such as lean managers, but it is also leading to the creation of completely new roles such as collaborative robots experts and industrial big data scientists. It is therefore imperative that education and training providers ensure a proper level of training, in order to prepare workers for emerging roles that will increasingly be required on the job market. Companies should likewise place the emphasis on transition opportunities for current employees to take on new or augmented roles within the organization, providing the workforce with education and training programs aimed at supporting such a transition.

Below the list of the top profiles in demand for the future of the manufacturing sector:

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