Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #17


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“2020 HR priorities ”

1. Cost control

Any company that pursues a high-performance culture should make performance management routine. Not only should we actively manage during the epidemic, but in normal times, performance management should also be implemented as a priority.

Remote work is not so difficult, and it also significantly reduces travel and office costs. So, we can take this opportunity to think:

  • Which positions and jobs in the company can be converted into remote work in the future?
  • Are all the previous business trips really needed? What can be cut off later?
  • How many fixed stations in the office can be reduced?

2. Improve productivity

Strengthen team collaboration to build an agile team is the only way for the organization to increase efficiency and adapt to the external environment more agilely and flexibly.

3. Compensation management

Reducing the company’s fixed expenses, allowing more pay to become flexible, linked to the performance results of employees to further strengthen the company’s high-performance culture.

Even in this special period, we should avoid be blinded by short-term goals when making decisions. Sometimes, we pay too much attention to short-term gains and losses but damage long-term interests. Many tasks of human resources require long-term continuous investment to achieve a considerable return.

We are proud to be there!

We are sure we will!

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