Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #19


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“Not just the skills, but The right skills”

After COVID-19 impact, companies have changed and so has their need to keep changing several processes, improving technology and their working strategies to face the new reality. With this in mind, recruiting companies must be aware of that if they want to keep being a relevant source of crucial resources for the working market.

The new working reality in many service companies should have the focus on productivity with clear objectives and KPIs associated with execution time frames. Factors like the number of hours each person works or other less relevant bureaucratic management approach should be left for services that need shift management where the schedules are needed, to assure a continuous service for customers and for productivity, namely in the production and primary sectors.

Focus on people’s happiness and productivity, including a better relationship and teamwork, will also have a boost to combine the best resources in each organization and to assure a leverage of differentiation in an increasing tough market where only best fit will survive.

Recruiting companies need to be synchronized with the market needs, searching for the right skills to assure the success in those new ways of working in the organizations.

One question arises in the recruitment process to get the better suited people: what should be checked with a candidate? Should the focus be on the creativity side or in the execution capabilities? There is not a yes or no answer, though. It depends on the function to fill and each company culture.

Teamwork is an increasing factor in the creation and implementation of successful projects. Teams are gaining multifunctionality with experts in various areas and with different skills which often participate in different teams and projects within the company.

Only the add up and good synchronization of the various skills allow the required add value to the organizations and people involved. The work of choosing the right elements for the teams is a critical factor.

Answering the initial question: we shouldn’t have neither teams only focused on innovation with lack of execution capabilities, nor a less creative team with good execution skills. Therefore, we must gather a team with different profiles and teamwork capabilities to ensure the right mix of creativity and execution.

Also, to recruit a leader, it must be accordingly to the type of the project, since not all the leaders have the same profiles. To choose a leader only due to his or her technical competences is a mistake since the eventual lack of the right emotional competences eliminates the technical competences add value.

It is also a mistake to choose only “stars” from various areas for the teams since we can reach rapidly to a collective Peter principle.

The relationship skills or soft skills, not properly improved in our educational system too much oriented to the individual scores, have been causing successive waves of brilliant students being recruited for the workforces with very good technical skills, but too much out of phase with the right skills for the company needs.

Organizations are not always prepared to manage these type of situations and often it becomes a surprise the failure of teams full of brilliant people.

In the past few years, we have been in a continuous and rapid river. Now that we are in the middle of the biggest unexpected waterfall of our lives, our organizations must be prepared for the impact and use the released energy to move in a different flow.

We have to work with and recruit people to build strong teams with the focus on flexibility, creativity and execution well balanced with leaders who have a clear vision and high relationship capabilities to seize the businesses opportunities that will arise in the new era.

We are proud to be there!
We are sure we will!
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