Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #20


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“French-German success story”

Yes, no doubt. There are “Hiring Freezes” and “Reduced Working Hours” out there. We experience this every day, when customers call us to inform that our mandates are stopped: Engine and Plant Manufacturers, because they can’t finish their products due to missing parts from component suppliers. Or big global Corporations, whose Headquarters decide not to employ for the next six months.

But every crisis also produces winners. Or at least branches, like logistics or retail/food store chains who can’t complain – and are doing business as usual or even better than before.

Today I want to tell you about such a success story. When our French FM Partner – Stephane Glaser – asked us for support in a bilateral direct search for a French customer, we didn’t think twice.

The task was to identify specialized Fleet Managers (f/m/d) in the field of diesel electric locomotives. Not an “everyday” position, but for us – as headhunters – an everyday challenge. And it helped, that the job-position could be realized at different facilities of the client in France and in Germany.

Of course, suitable candidates dismissed us in our address because they were scared to change their employer in such times as the current ones. But others, who would have given us a “no” just weeks ago, were now open for conversation. Mostly, because their own employers are struggling at this moment.

To sum up the story: Yes, we delivered, and we succeeded. A win-win-win-win situation for us, for our FM Partner in France, for the French customer as well as for the chosen German candidate.

Success stories happen also during crises…!

We are proud to be there!
We are sure we will!

Future Manager Germany