FMW Global Monthly Magazine – Issue n. 6

What are the latest news from the market? And how is the world of HR Consultancy evolving around the world? We are proud to announce the release of our FMW Global Monthly Magazine – Issue n. 6, where we will take a deeper look into these themes with a specific focus on the Financial market…

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Connectedness and Business: Does Feeling Close to Others Help Companies?

“How close do people feel to others around the world? How much do they want their countries involved in international affairs? How do people’s experiences with travel and feelings of international connectedness relate to their views about the world?” These questions open a report by the Pew Research Center, analysing Attitudes on an Interconnected World.…

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World’s most innovative economies, summarized

Being innovative means achieving global exposure – and world economies know it. Innovation is going to be a powerful driver in 2024, continuing on a path that has especially developed two years ago. Artificial Intelligence going viral thanks to ChatGPT has influenced how countries all over the world balance their investments in innovative practices, inevitably…

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