Obligation of the anti Covid-19 vaccine: how will Italian companies behave?

Author: Future Manager Research Center Gennaio 2021 – L’argomento è molto delicato ed è anche causa di accese polemiche, tuttavia le discussione sugli aspetti etici in relazione ad un’eventuale obbligatorietà della somministrazione di un vaccino anti COVID-19 sono all’ordine del giorno. La fase di realizzazione di un vaccino richiede delle tempistiche alquanto elevate ma grazie all’investimento di…

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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #1

Author: Future Manager Research Center 15 young engineers graduated in various specialist courses, to be recruited and hired in 5 Italian production plants for 5 different company areas. From 15 to 17 planned assessment groups with an average of 12 candidates in the classroom. First Assesment planned for late April.For this seventh edition, all assessments…

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Italian Millennials and the difficulties they face

Author: Future Manager Research Center Italy, at present, is facing a multitude of challenges, such as a slow economic recovery, political instability and high unemployment. There is also a large generation gap between the wealthy and retired, with many young people struggling for employment. Interesting, also, the status of the so-called Millennials. Let’s find out…

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