Silence Culture in Cross-Culture Corporate Communication: the Japanese Case

Author: Future Manager Research Center You may think that silence during a conversation, especially if it is focused on business, is disorienting, as well as it is a negative signal in the development of a business deal. Actually, it has a huge strategic value when approached to some cultures and customs in which implicit and…

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That’s Global #1

Author: Future Manager Research Center Before getting to the heart of this storytelling series, I would like to briefly explain why “That’s Global“ was born. Future Manager is rooted in the concept of Globality and not because it has developed an international temper with the passage of time, but because Future Manager was born with…

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GEC #12 The Japanese Case

Author: Future Manager Research Center It is my great privilege to be asked to share my thoughts here for the FMA Gender Equality Committee on behalf of en world Japan, FMA’s partner here in Tokyo. I would like to take a slightly different approach to my colleagues who have shared thus far and start with…

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