Talent Retention in Manufacturing: What Employees Want

Hiring Talents is a meticulous task, but retaining them is even more challenging. Given that each company has different needs and a unique work culture, it is crucial to implement a survey to better understand and address employees’ needs. Here are the three main benefits highlighted by a survey conducted among Manufacturing workers: Retaining Talents…

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WMF: Ten Key Recommendations

Author: Future Manager Research Center The aim of these Key Recommendations is to forge the ability to work towards creating an educated and skilled manufacturing workforce now and in the future. Here the Ten Key Recommendations that companies should consider implementing:

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Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Author: Future Manager Research Center The fourth industrial revolution is coming. This is an intelligent era. The background of the trade war is nothing more than a war of technological intelligence. Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, the economies of the most powerful countries have been severely damaged, prompting them to…

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