That’s Global #1

Author: Future Manager Research Center Before getting to the heart of this storytelling series, I would like to briefly explain why “That’s Global“ was born. Future Manager is rooted in the concept of Globality and not because it has developed an international temper with the passage of time, but because Future Manager was born with…

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GEC #1-2021 Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi: two women first of their kind

Author: Future Manager Research Center What better occasion than the very first 2021 article of the Gender Equality Committee to talk about “firsts”? We decided to do it through two women who, regardless of political likes or dislikes, made the history of their nation and were “first of their kind”. I’m talking about Kamala Harris…

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GEC #11 Inequality of Compensation and Employment in USA

Author: Future Manager Research Center Gender Inequality concerning both compensation and employment is a genuine issue around the world, with the US being no exception. Covid has magnified the problem concerning women even further. Unemployment among women has increased due to Covid based on several factors: Concerning compensation, while it has been an issue traditionally,…

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