The Relationship between Digital Transformation and Employee Commitment: the Survey as a Tool

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Digital innovation is at the heart of the strategies aimed at the continuous improvement of a company business. Fundamental, then, for this type of changes are the employees: their approach and involvement in any projects in digital transformation are crucial for managing all the phases of evolution that characterize them and that spill over the company organization in all its facets.

Being a change, it can certainly face resistance from the interested parties, whose idea of organization often deviates from the digital change path that the company would like to take. Moreover, digital change can have the consequence of leaving human resources in the background, almost as if they were a mere accessory to it. In this way, employees feel less involved and almost excluded from the company’s action plans and this consequently causes strong detachment and less proactivity within the company context.

It is precisely to avoid this type of problem that an optimal solution would be to immediately implement a survey relating to the level of commitment of employees and managers in a possible digital transformation project, in order to be able to monitor it.

Following the application of the survey method, different types of profiles attributable to individual employees will be outlined on the basis of the individual’s approach to digital transformation. The profiles deriving from the survey are almost heterogeneous: some employees approach change in a positive way, i.e. convinced supporters, promoters and those who willingly accept the innovations, however, others could show signs of scepticism or even fear towards of this type of projects. Therefore, this type of survey proves to be extremely useful to define and carefully evaluate a company’s future action plan in the digital field that always takes note of the opinions and thoughts of its human resources.