What is a Customer Really looking for from an RPO Provider?

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

The recruitment process outsourcing is a strategic service, increasingly requested by companies: it allows them to have access to advanced technologies and acquire the best talents.

The activity of RPO providers has intensified and, at the same time, has become more complex: customers require an increasingly sophisticated suite of tools ranging from digital marketing knowledge to follow-up capabilities.

RPO clients are not just aiming to fill job vacancies. They expect RPO providers to be also able to strengthen their brand, increase the engagement of passive candidates and customize the selection process without losing efficiency.

In this regard, the most important challenge in the RPO field is to combine technology and candidate’s experience in the best possible way. On the one hand, there is a need to create an engaging experience for those who take part in the selection process. On the other hand, the goal is to make these mechanisms more agile through automation.

In addition to increasing customer brand awareness, an RPO provider must act proactively towards the passive talent pool. It is not enough to collect information from active candidates alone, but it is necessary to find the most suitable ones even among those who are not actively seeking new employment and archive their data based on the skills and the type of work and academic career acquired over time. In this way, it is possible to address them directly to a specific job position, making the selection process easier for the client company.

Behind the work of an RPO provider, there is a real human resources management system. It provides for the drafting of dossiers and weekly reports to monitor the status of candidates and other parameters. Without constantly updated databases and a well-defined recruitment and talent management program, it is difficult to create a competitive advantage for your clients.