Why digitize the HR Process

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

For some time now, all companies have been tending towards almost total digitization.

The human resources sector is also interested in developing digital culture within its organization.

In this regard, the Digital HR manager has the task of implementing the internal training levers, taking care of marketing and communication to ensure this change.

With the digital conversion of organizations, the human resources department will face new challenges. This innovation process causes changes in the work tools used by raising the question of new skills to be acquired for the employees concerned.

Before presenting some positive aspects of digitalization, it should be specified that to be effectively competitive by exploiting Digital HR, it is essential to have a valid basic strategy accompanied by careful planning.

At this point, the benefits generated by the path to digital in the area of ​​Recruiting will be evident and tangible. In terms of recruiting, digital technology enables HR to generalize the use of social networks as a key part of candidate procurement processes.

Through technologies related to artificial intelligence, the opportunity to scan, in a short period of time, a very high number of CVs will be a reality.

In addition, the algorithms facilitate the search and identification of niche candidates with specific skills.

Digital HR also generates the emergence of new working methods that eliminate time and distance constraints.

Digitization now allows us to react even to a global pandemic, smart working is a clear example of how the HR Digital Revolution is now also a social reality.

Those who deal with HR have no reason to be alarmed: such a technological evolution will not threaten their stay in the company and moreover it will not make the performance of their activities more complex, on the contrary, it will be a step forward in the construction of their skills and consequently benefit for their career. As always, in these cases the company will enjoy greater efficiency in its HR processes.