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Advisory services encompassing economic analysis, business planning and company valuations to support management and shareholder decisions; portfolio valuation for private equity funds; financial instruments and intangible asset valuations for International Financial Reporting Standards purposes.

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Financial Advisory

Advisory services encompassing economic analysis, company and portfolio valuation for private equity funds; strategic decisions support aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Debt Advisory & Restructuring

Turnaround and debt restructuring, negotiations with financial institutions and design of solutions to stabilize financial and operational performance, including: analyzing current structures, defining future plans, negotiating agreements, and managing creditor communication.

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Litigation Support

Financial support for clients in preliminary assessments, litigation, and arbitrations, offering comprehensive services for claims definition and damages requests, leveraging in-depth market knowledge and technical expertise throughout all stages of complex disputes.

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Support Management

Hands-on support during corporate changes, including interim management and assistance in strategic planning, human resources, and objectives redefining.

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We are what we know, what we learn, what we do. Choose suitable Training solutions to the ever-changing requirements of the global job market.

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Entrepreneurial Succession

Separate Ownership from management.
Choose an internal manager or hire an external one. Plan a family succession.
Redesign the Board of Directors and the boundaries of delegations.

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Managerial Succession

Define the reasons for change. Imagine your company in evolution.
Prepare your organization for the change. Create a vision, adopt a strategy to activate change.
Implement the action plan within your corporate culture.
Everything that works is already obsolete!


Change Management

Define the reasons for change. Imagine your company in evolution.
Prepare your organization for the change. Create a vision, adopt a strategy to activate change.
Communicate internally and externally. Engage influencers and decision makers.
Implement the action plan within your corporate culture.
Everything that works is already obsolete!


Compensation & Benefit Analysis

Create compensation strategies capable of allowing companies to have cohesive and strong teams. Determine market values and know the average compensation by collecting market information worldwide.

Correct or even improve arbitrary decisions that can create internal problems such as high staff turnover through data-based compensation systems.

Have a current and updated benchmark in order to be competitive on the market.


Management Relocation

Administrative and legislative skills, real estate market, cultural environment, school and health system are the “must” to achieve efficiency in company cost management through every step of a relocation experience.

A family that accompanies the manager is a crucial part of the relocation experience, because it supports the company project. A new environment to adapt to, new home, schools, knowledge of local health care and international gathering associations are fundamental for settling down to a new daily life.

Successfully relocating a manager to a foreign country is crucial to avoid negative impacts on the whole company.


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