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Oliver Bloom - Scandinavia Country Manager

CEPIA Member

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Oliver Bloom

Scandinavia Country Manager

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Planning Future


Corporate: Entrepreneurial Succession, Managerial Succession, Change Management, Compensation & Benefit Analysis, Management Relocation, International Employer Branding planning

Talent Acquisition: C-Level Executive Search, Middle Management Executive Search, Existing top and/or existing middle potential assessment programs, Pre-employment aptitude and personality testing programming, International Graduate Recruitment Programs

Flexibility: Temporary Management, HRPO Human Resource Process Outsourcing, RPO - Recruiting Process Outsourcing, White Collar Outsourcing, Payroll Calculating

Training - Future Manager Business School


Financial: Private Banking, Investment Fund, Banking Technology, Corporate Banking, M&A, Consumer Financing, Mortgage

Industrial: Aeroespacial, Automotive, Agribusiness, Aviation, Chemical, Energy, Building, Manufacturing, Oli & Gas

Hi Tech: Software Networking, Telecommunications, Platforms

Roles and Functions:

Board: Ceo, Indipendent board member

Financial: Global Chief Financial Officer, Global Chief Treasury Officer, Global Chief Controlling Officer, Country Chief Financial Officer, Country Chief Treasury Officer, Country Chief Controlling Officer

Marketing: Global Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Global Chief Operational Marketing Officer, Country Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Country Chief Operational Marketing Officer,

Sales: Global Sales Officer, Country Sales Officer

Supply Chain: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer, Country Chief Supply Chain Officer

Human Resources: Global Human Resource Director, Global Recruiting Director, Global Development & Training Director, Country Human Resource Director, Country Recruiting Director, Country Development & Training Director

Information Technology: Global Chief Information Officer, Global Chief Digital Information Officer, Global Chief Technology Officer, Country Chief Information Officer, Country Chief Digital Information Officer, Country Chief Technology Officer

Today in Future Manager Scandinavia

Get to know more about your future colleagues: Generation Z

Author: Future Manager Research Center The youngest members of the workplace in modern society are no longer “Millennials”,  “Gen Z” has begun to replace them. Their values ​​and habits are gradually changing the way they work in the workplace. According to the BBC News report, the modern workplace is having difficulty defining the specific age…

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Italian Millennials and the difficulties they face

Author: Future Manager Research Center Italy, at present, is facing a multitude of challenges, such as a slow economic recovery, political instability and high unemployment. There is also a large generation gap between the wealthy and retired, with many young people struggling for employment. Interesting, also, the status of the so-called Millennials. Let’s find out…

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From Baby Boomers To Millennials: Different Generations At Work

Author: Future Manager Research Center If you have never heard of Generation X, Millennials, or Generation Z, then you are probably a Boomer. If so, this word will probably seem unusual to you, but do not worry: all these categories can be distinguished very easily following a chronological order. Because of the different historical contexts…

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