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Estela Michel - Mexico & Central America Country Manager


Estela de Lourdes Michel Sanroman

Mexico Country Manager

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Planning Future


Corporate: Entrepreneurial Succession, Managerial Succession, Change Management, Compensation & Benefit Analysis, Management Relocation, International Employer Branding planning

Talent Acquisition: C-Level Executive Search, Middle Management Executive Search, Existing top and/or existing middle potential assessment programs, Pre-employment aptitude and personality testing programming, International Graduate Recruitment Programs

Flexibility: Temporary Management, HRPO Human Resource Process Outsourcing, RPO - Recruiting Process Outsourcing, White Collar Outsourcing, Payroll Calculating

Training - Future Manager Business School


Financial: Private Banking, Investment Fund, Banking Technology, Corporate Banking, M&A, Consumer Financing, Mortgage

Industrial: Aeroespacial, Automotive, Agribusiness, Aviation, Chemical, Energy, Building, Manufacturing, Oli & Gas

Hi Tech: Software Networking, Telecommunications, Platforms

Roles and Functions:

Board: Ceo, Indipendent board member

Financial: Global Chief Financial Officer, Global Chief Treasury Officer, Global Chief Controlling Officer, Country Chief Financial Officer, Country Chief Treasury Officer, Country Chief Controlling Officer

Marketing: Global Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Global Chief Operational Marketing Officer, Country Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Country Chief Operational Marketing Officer,

Sales: Global Sales Officer, Country Sales Officer

Supply Chain: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer, Country Chief Supply Chain Officer

Human Resources: Global Human Resource Director, Global Recruiting Director, Global Development & Training Director, Country Human Resource Director, Country Recruiting Director, Country Development & Training Director

Information Technology: Global Chief Information Officer, Global Chief Digital Information Officer, Global Chief Technology Officer, Country Chief Information Officer, Country Chief Digital Information Officer, Country Chief Technology Officer

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Being Global is great, but what a Struggle!

Author: Future Manager Research Center The internationalization process of a company inevitably leads to important changes. For a leader it is a very delicate decision to make their company global and it is important that this evolution is not a long shot. Leaving aside the bureaucratic aspects of the issue, what emerges from the observation…

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GEC #4 Como Reducir La Brecha Salarial Entre Hombres Y Mujeres

Author: Future Manager Research Center En el 70% de las grandes empresas europeas sólo las áreas de recursos Humanos y Compensación están preocupadas por analizar y proponer soluciones en materia de igualdad retributiva, ¿por qué no se hace participe a toda la organización si se trata de un problema que afecta a todos? En las…

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