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Nicolas Milonas - China Country Manager

Personal Background:

  • Nicolas MILONAS is permanent resident of Shanghai, China, where he lives with his wife Suzy for 20+ years.
  • Nicolas is father of 3 children (Christina, Yannis and Frédéric), and great father of 5 (Rio, Calista, Nikolaï, Mathias and Niki).
  • In his free time enjoys photography, new technologies, digital marketing, social media.
  • He is an amateur of old classic roll & roll, country music and French singers.

Educational Background:
Nicolas holds several degrees:

  • University degree in International Marketing,1972 from Saint Denis University of Technology (France)
  • Master of Finance & Management, 1976 from PSL University (France)
  • Master in international marketing 1977 from PSL (France)
  • MBA in 1999 from New York International School of Management (USA).
  • His native language is French. He is fluent in English and Greek (his family roots) and speaks “some” chinese.

Managerial Background:
Nicolas has more than 40 years of experience as executive in MNCs and as entrepreneur, managing corporations of different sizes and developing businesses all around the world, in different cultures.


Entrepreneurial Background:

  • Nicolas is the founder in 1999 of Acropolis Associates in USA and co-founder with his wife Suzy of Acropolis China in 2005, one of leading China based Retained Executive Search agency & Employer of record supplier.
  • Leader of Entrepreneur Club at French Chamber of Commerce in China (since 2010)
  • China representative of IPEM / International Private Equity Market (since 2016)
  • Elected at the Board of French Chamber of Commerce in China (since 2017)
  • Founder of China-Africa-Middle East Business Club (2018)
  • Initiator of French Speaking African Ambassadors Club (Beijing 2019)
  • Nicolas added an M&A business unit with a special focus Europe-China, setting up a finance related entity in Luxembourg (2023)
  • Nicolas lectures regularly in Europe with topics such as: Doing Business in China, Entrepreneurship in China, How to establish long term successful business in China, how to understand Chinese culture.
  • Nicolas is FMW Asia Pacific Director, FMW Worldwide China Expert and Head of Bank Future Manager - FMW's Financial Global Division.


China Country Manager & Head of Bank Future Manager Global Division

Nicolas Milonas

China Country Manager & Head of Bank Future Manager Global Division

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Corporate: Entrepreneurial Succession, Managerial Succession, Change Management, Compensation & Benefit Analysis, Management Relocation, International Employer Branding planning

Talent Acquisition: C-Level Executive Search, Middle Management Executive Search, Existing top and/or existing middle potential assessment programs, Pre-employment aptitude and personality testing programming, International Graduate Recruitment Programs

Flexibility: Temporary Management, HRPO Human Resource Process Outsourcing, RPO - Recruiting Process Outsourcing, White Collar Outsourcing, Payroll Calculating

Training - Future Manager Business School


Financial: Private Banking, Investment Fund, Banking Technology, Corporate Banking, M&A, Consumer Financing, Mortgage

Industrial: Aeroespacial, Automotive, Agribusiness, Aviation, Chemical, Energy, Building, Manufacturing, Oli & Gas

Hi Tech: Software Networking, Telecommunications, Platforms

Roles and Functions:

Board: Ceo, Indipendent board member

Financial: Global Chief Financial Officer, Global Chief Treasury Officer, Global Chief Controlling Officer, Country Chief Financial Officer, Country Chief Treasury Officer, Country Chief Controlling Officer

Marketing: Global Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Global Chief Operational Marketing Officer, Country Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Country Chief Operational Marketing Officer,

Sales: Global Sales Officer, Country Sales Officer

Supply Chain: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer, Country Chief Supply Chain Officer

Human Resources: Global Human Resource Director, Global Recruiting Director, Global Development & Training Director, Country Human Resource Director, Country Recruiting Director, Country Development & Training Director

Information Technology: Global Chief Information Officer, Global Chief Digital Information Officer, Global Chief Technology Officer, Country Chief Information Officer, Country Chief Digital Information Officer, Country Chief Technology Officer

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