Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #10

Author: Future Manager Research Center
“ The Covid-19 and the acceleration of work initiatives for 2020 ”

During the Covid19 outbreak, we have heard and discussed about its negative aspects. However, this situation has also brought positive aspects, such as new work models and ways of doing business.

1- Opportunity to re-define your business

The coronavirus has changed the way we live and do business. It will accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with smart technologies such as AI and mobile super computing. It is an opportunity for re-think products, services and business models, the role of the corporation, re-skilling, remote working, among many other relevant points.

2- Tranformation of talent models

A surge in skills-based hiring is predicted as companies are likely to outsource routinary tasks to machines, while employees focus on activities that require creativity and critical thinking.

3- Reskilling of workers Social distancing and remote working are changing the work process

The realm of digital transformation will require companies to run training programs devoted to creating AI powered skills inventory as automation calls for changes in current jobs.

We are proud to be there!

We are sure we will!

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