Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #14


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“ Hot job search sector in the outbreak era ”

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the job market grim, many companies have put a temporary halt on hiring, let alone run the cutbacks and layoffs.

However, noticing an increase in coronavirus-related job postings, here are some job sectors that are looking to hire either during the pandemic or shortly after it fades.

  • Biotech, pharmaceuticals and health care

Ventilator is the “main adjuvant therapy” for COVID-19 critical patients,but hospitals have no additional equipment to cope with the surge in demand. Such life-saving equipment and trained professionals are seriously inadequate.

  • Government and nonprofit sectors

Social workers, government and nonprofit organization professionals can help people who’ve lost jobs or housing in the wake of coronavirus

  • E-commerce

Companies are going to need many professionals to redesign and remodel supply chains to become more resilient and fast-response. Also, there is a high demand for couriers who deliver the online-shopping goods to people who stay at home.

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