HR Services in India

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

India is the second most populous country in the world and is home to a wide variety of languages, religions, traditions and social stratifications.

With a rapidly growing economy and a GDP that has already surpassed that of Britain, this country is a great source of opportunities, especially in the workplace.

The real resource of India is in fact the people, the human capital.

This deep interest and respect for human resources comes from a need for the research and the selection of talents within a country in rapid growth, both from an economic and demographic point of view, and characterized by the presence of many qualified young people.

To support this the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mod said: “India should emerge as the world’s human resources capital, as China has become the global manufacturing factory.” and then he also emphasized the need for the country of a global boost of skilled and talented workforce, so as to be able to successfully face the war against poverty.

India therefore needs a global approach that allows companies to acquire talents not only on a national level, but also internationally, to support the culture of diversity in the workplace that brings together people of different kinds, age, ethnicity, religion and nationality.

This diversity can produce benefits of various kinds. The introduction of people from different backgrounds, with different specializations and nationalities can lead to an increase in the corporate reputation and leadership; to a personal growth of employees who come into contact with new cultures; and finally to an increment in productivity and innovation with the inclusion of new ideas and concepts that increase the competitiveness of the company on the market.

In a context characterized by a deep linguistic, religious and cultural diversity, it arise the need for a type of HR service that is independent of what is the domestic market in the country, and that goes to consider and include global solutions.

The acquisition of high-potential talents can happen outside of the company mechanism, through a process of outsourcing of the recruitment process that so comes entrusted to experts of the field who operate on a global level, who know how to behave in intercultural situations and who have the right skills and experience to deal with such dynamics.

For an International Talent Acquisition, Indian companies of any size need to keep an open mind that points to globalization and can therefore turn to HR Consultancy Companies for help, since they already operate globally and can provide a cross-cultural perspective.