Talent Management and Sustainability

Author: Future Manager Research Center To be successful in an era of fierce competition like the present one, it is essential that a company rely on sound management systems and ethical values. If talents are considered essential strategic resources that make a difference, then it is precisely on the management of the latter that organizations must work…

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Food Engineering for a Sustainable Future

Author: Future Manager Research Center As is well known, the food industry has a negative impact on the environment, due to waste and pollution of water, air and soil caused by production processes. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), sustainable food has a reduced environmental impact and at the same time…

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Green Management and Corporate Sustainability

Author: Future Manager Research Center One of the priorities of a CEO or, in general, of any business leader, is certainly the desire to project their business into the future. Crisis of an economic nature or, as in the case of Coronavirus, of a health nature, can undoubtedly hinder this desire for change and innovation.…

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