That’s Global #1

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Before getting to the heart of this storytelling series, I would like to briefly explain why “That’s Global was born. Future Manager is rooted in the concept of Globality and not because it has developed an international temper with the passage of time, but because Future Manager was born with a conscious global identity.

It is certainly true that when a company has an international way of thinking, everything takes on a strategic value which translates into investments for growth.

It is often thought that to implement an HR strategy outside of one’s own country, the processes used at the local level are sufficient to ensure success, however the practical experience of FMW shows that this is not always the case.

The most frequent threats are costs of “repetition”, delays in the implementation of the plan or ROI that is below expectations. Accompanying and supporting every company in the implementation of their HR strategies, whether international or global, is our norm every single day.

On this basis, the desire to share this new series of episodes was born to make everyone understand our normality, highlighting the level of performance that FMW is able to ensure with its specialized processes.

Today’s case began in late January of this year. We are talking about Chemical APAC (a fictitious name), a US company based in Michigan which has a leadership position in its sector.

The company has an expansion plan in the APAC area and after the People’s Republic of China looks to South Korea, where it wants to develop a “Market”.

As mentioned before referring to the title of this post, I want to highlight the level of specialization necessary for the market of companies that have growth and management strategies abroad.

In 60 days a US customer met FMW Japan in Tokyo, which immediately activated FMW HQ in Milan and FMW South Korea in Seoul. The “fine-tuning” meeting between FMW Japan, FMW South Korea and “Chemical APAC” gave positive results.

FMW HQ in Milan provided for the contractual regularization and subsequent invoicing.

In Mid-March “Chemical APAC” hired its Business Development Manager.

In short, a US customer finds the solution in South Korea through Japan, everything regulated with an Italian contract. Four countries involved in a successful solution.

This is the sense of FMW’s concept of Globality.

So That’s Global!