Financial jobs in Luxembourg: the most sought after positions

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50.000+ employees work in the Banking sector in Luxembourg, then how come companies are still experiencing Talent shortages? What are Financial jobs in Luxembourg actually like?

In 2022, the Director of Employment Agency (ADEM) presented seven studies on the jobs and skills sought in the Luxembourgish labor market.

Findings suggested significant dependence on foreign residents and cross-border workers, with a Talent war among major Financial centers. To date, companies still require collaboration with Local and Global Executive Search experts to attract the right resources for their organizations.

But which jobs are most sought after in Luxembourg’s Financial and HR landscape?

Nicolas Milonas, Head of Bank Future Manager Global Division with Headquarters in Luxembourg, shares some suggestions:

  • Fund Managers / UCITS
  • Accountants
  • KYC/AML Analysts
  • Risk Managers / Head of Risk
  • Insurance Managers

In addition to this, ADEM declares that Financial jobs in Luxembourg have the highest demand for English speakers, highlighting the following most in-demand professions and open positions:

  • Financial audit and control
  • Accounting
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Expertise and technical support in information systems
  • Legal consulting
  • System analysts (front-office, financial markets)

Source: Les Frontaliers, 2022,