Talent Retention in Manufacturing: What Employees Want

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Hiring Talents is a meticulous task, but retaining them is even more challenging. Given that each company has different needs and a unique work culture, it is crucial to implement a survey to better understand and address employees’ needs.

Here are the three main benefits highlighted by a survey conducted among Manufacturing workers:

  • Flexibility: Whether through flextime, shift work, or compressed workweeks (working fewer days but more hours each day), these scheduling options can highly attract workers. Each worker has a different situation (such as family responsibilities or ongoing studies), and flexible hours allow them to balance their professional and personal life effectively.
  • Mentorship: The first 90 days are crucial, as this is the period when a worker decides whether to remain with the company. Beyond Training, mentorship provides an opportunity to create a sense of belonging. It is also essential for workers to envision their future within the company and explore growth opportunities.
  • Reduction of Hiring Time: Streamlining and expediting the hiring process is crucial for identifying the best-fit candidates. It ensures not only a faster replacement for vacant positions but also contributes to a more efficient workflow.

Retaining Talents can be very challenging, but staying close to employees to understand their expectations is a key success factor.

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