FMW Global Monthly Magazine – Issue n. 6

Close up of Businesswomen or Accountant using a calculator and laptop computer with analytic business report graph and finance chart at the workplace, financial and investment concept.

What are the latest news from the market? And how is the world of HR Consultancy evolving around the world?

We are proud to announce the release of our FMW Global Monthly Magazine – Issue n. 6, where we will take a deeper look into these themes with a specific focus on the Financial market and its latest evolution.

This issue’s Editorial has been written by Roberto Leuzzi & Daniele Loro, Head of Advisory and VP of Advisory for Bank Future Manager, FMW Global Financial Division. Their valuable contribution is called Servitizing Finance through HR: The Future of Globality, a piece that examines the concept of Servitization and its transition from the Manufacturing sector to the Financial industry:

Servitization is a concept that we mainly find in the field of Industry 4.0: a shift from a product-centric logic to a service-centric perspective, adding value to what Clients can achieve when choosing a Company’s integrated Solution. This change of paradigm results in innovative business models, new revenue streams, and a competitive positioning on different markets, addressing multiple needs through the delivery of a broader range of benefits.

But is it possible to apply Servitization to Finance? And if so, what services might be integrated into a Financial Company’s chain of offerings? Fair questions that require in-depth market studies, strong sectorial knowledge and solid company values.

Roberto Leuzzi & Daniele Loro

Other relevant Global news contained in this issue concern C-Levels, Sales & Business Development, Industry 4.0, M&A, the HR Consultancy world and more:

  • News from the Market (page 3): More jobs in Europe and the US between January and February 2024 – A HR Consultancy analysis of the most sought after positions, Locally and Abroad;
  • News from the Industries (page 5): Stock market, inflation and yearly predictions – What industries are leading the investors’ choices?

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