Recruitment of candidates with limited experience – The power of potential

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

When it comes to selecting candidates, credentials and experiences are not always everything; there are occasions in which an entry level candidate can be the best fit for the position.

Even though on paper the latter cannot be compared with candidates with more experience, this does not mean that entry- level candidates do not have any valuable skill. Indeed, many candidates with limited experience have a great academic knowledge and  have developed communication and time management skills. Moreover, they have a strong set of transferable skills that can be adapted to new situations such as analytical thinking and ability to collaborate, and have the passion and hustle to follow through difficult times.

Moreover, the candidate’s fresh perspective could bring new ideas to the table and innovation to the company.

In a Forbes article, it is mentioned about how almost two-thirds of business leaders still regard experience and technical skills as the most important assets of the candidate. Nevertheless, from the same sample, 87% of the leaders had found that in practice the most successful hires where the ones where the company, during the hiring process, also valuated cultural fit as well as potential.

The right question is not anymore whether the candidate has the right skills; but it is becoming whether this person has the potential to learn new ones and go above what is his/her previous knowledge.

The potential for growth, both personal and for the company, is quite higher compared to experienced people as there is no pre-existing structure and to the new employee it can be taught the company’s specific policies and procedures, which is a great plus for organizations. With the right preparation, this individual can grow into a valuable employee.

Companies as Future Manager, know how to find this potential and shapes its recruitment process to match the best candidate for the company with the best opportunity for the candidate.