Temporary Manager? Welcome on Board!

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Temporary Managers (TMans) are often not subjected to the same onboarding procedures reserved for staff hired on permanent contracts. Being professionals who lend themselves to temporary activities, they are exposed to countless corporate realities and cultures during their career: they actually demonstrate great ability in evaluating situations and managing different work styles and possess a high level of adaptability.

When it comes to inclusiveness, onboarding processes play a fundamental role in the involvement of temporary professional profiles within a company context. They allow TMans to more easily align with the directives and values ​​of the company, orienting their performance towards specific results.

In this case, onboarding has the ability to transmit not only the cultural background of a business, but also a sense of hospitality towards its temporary employees. Through this process, a TMan is able to recognize any preferences or needs of the company and to assimilate more quickly the working methods of the team in which it will be inserted.

In order for him to feel truly welcome, the company can adopt countless onboarding mechanisms towards him. First, they must be started even before the TMan can actually get to work and, therefore, it is necessary for him to complete the learning and training period before being inserted into the company.

Furthermore, offering the same treatment to staff members in terms of inclusion, without distinguishing between Temporary Managers and contract employees, can make a difference.

Inclusiveness is also showed by involving these professionals in meetings and working groups and providing them with access to the company’s IT systems, databases and financial and strategic documents. This information sharing is necessary: ​​through it, the TMan is fully aware of the objectives that he must pursue.

Often these professionals have a hard time feeling accepted. Consequently, the key is to encourage and promote team-building activities, in order to establish a collaborative and inclusive spirit.