What To Expect in Future Human Resource Management

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

What changes will company’s human resource management take in the future? In the next 10 years, changes in technology, especially the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, will lead to new types of jobs that we have never thought of before.

In the future world, organizational boundaries will disappear, and become more flexible, global, and transparent. But human labor will always be an essential element of an organization as organization itself will become more diverse. Jobs will be more organized, subdivided, and progressively presented in new mode that go beyond “regular full-time employment”. How can an organization’s leaders navigate this emerging, digital workforce transmission?

Future human resources management should lead the work, not manage the employees. Traditional employee society is disappearing, individual values ​​are becoming more and more important. Companies will have a higher platform with open mindsets. Nowadays, most of enterprises mainly depends on full-time employees within the organization to complete the work. For future enterprise managers, what really needs to be considered is how to optimize and lead resources from all sides to work together to complete work tasks.

More companies are no longer conservative and are no longer confined to their past perceptions of how they work. Work is deconstructed, divided into small parts, and distributed around the world for those who can do the job with the highest quality. For HR managers, the employees to be managed in the future will become more diverse and complicated.

To fit into the future work, it requires us to have three key qualities:

  • The ability of thinking critically. We no longer do the analysis work that AI could have done, but use these analyses to have a higher level of output.
  • We will find that more and more analytical or engineering jobs will be replaced, but the ability to use technology, to communicate with people, to express care and sympathy, and the ability to lead when working with others will become increasingly important.
  • The third ability is agility, which is to keep learning new things.