GEC #1 Transgender and Transsexual Community: Judgment and Prejudice


Author: Future Manager Research Center

That of transsexuality has always been a very delicate issue almost a real taboo and talking about it openly still arouses numerous perplexities. When applied to the world of work, the extent of the matter amplifies.

The truth is one and only one and it is useless to hide behind the wall of hypocrisy: when it comes to the labour market, the transgender community is one of the most discriminated categories.

Is it so relevant that the identity of the individual in front of you does not conform to his/her behavior and appearance? How much can this factor affect the abilities of a person as a potential element of increase in company value?

These reflections apply to both a transsexual man or to a woman who have already (or partially) completed his/her transition.

Acceptance of the world of work is added to other levels of acceptance such as that of the family and the community to which it belongs, making everything extremely complex for this segment of the labour market.

What is needed is protection and understanding, not compassion, but we have to be realistic, even the most enlightened business manager will face a series of management difficulties. Bureaucratic and health issues are aspects that are part of the experience of a transgender person and they must be managed as an HR factor.

In any case, it is here that a leader can and should make the difference, with the management of situations of hardship created by attitudes of the corporate community that can be harmful for the very achievement of managerial objectives.

Misinformation and prejudice create a further external barrier around the company, leading to the belief that there are no corporate roles suitable for trans people.

True, laws have been enacted that protect and protect transgender and transsexual workers, however these laws do not protect from judgmental stares.

It is the culture of inclusion that must accompany the laws, without it they are of little use and this is the level on which we can all commit ourselves.